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Porter's Got Talent-April 7th Click for Details



Porter’s Got Talent

*Audition Information*




Important Dates

~ This year’s talent show is on Friday, April 7th.

~ Audition forms will be available on-line or in the office beginning February 14, 2017

~ Audition forms are due to Mrs. Dupre by Wednesday, March 8th

~ Auditions will take place after school on March 22nd. You will be assigned a time after you

turn in your audition form. Results will be announced by March 24th.




Talent Show and Audition Guidelines


1.                 All acts should be performance ready at the time of the audition!

2.                 All acts must be 3 minutes in length or less.

3.                 All singing should be with accompaniment CD or pianist (no lip-synching).

4.                 All acts should include appropriate dress, material, and actions for elementary age children. 

5.                 One parent or guardian per act must be at the audition.

6.                 Please come to the audition in the outfit or costume you intend to wear for the show and

with a CD of any music you will be using. You will have your picture taken and a master CD will be made during the auditions.



Each person participating in the talent show must have an audition form turned in with a parent signature. Groups need to list each other on all group member forms and turn the forms in all at once.



Please contact Mrs. Dupre at or 817-547-2958 with any questions.








Due Wednesday, March 8, 2017

You will be assigned a time to audition after your form is turned in.


Name: ______________________

Please Circle Your Grade: 1     2     3     4     5


Title of your act (or song):____________________________

Type of act (singing, dancing, etc.): ___________________

*If you are performing in a group, please list your group members below:

Each person in a group must have their own audition form turned in with their parent’s signature.



Name:           Grade:          Teacher:

____________      ____________      ______________

____________      ____________      ______________

____________      ____________      ______________

____________      ____________      ______________

____________      ____________      ______________

Students performing in a group must turn in all of your groups’ forms at the same time.  Once the forms have been turned in there can be no substitutions of people in groups!









My child has permission to audition/participate in the Porter Talent Show and we have read and discussed the talent show guidelines.


Student Signature_____________________________ 

Parent Signature______________________________

Contact number _____________________________