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Friday, August 22, 2014
 Automotive Technology
What to Expect from BISD Auto Tech

So you are interested in being in the BISD Auto Tech Program? You like working on cars. You cannot wait to take steps to become a technician. Are you ready to sign up? 


Before you do, let's make sure you know what to expect from this program.


This class blends different teaching methods. It features classroom teaching, online assignments and shop work. You will be taught how to solve problems using the skills and experience that you will learn. We begin your training in the Auto 1 program. You learn safety and tools. Then we move you up to electrical/electronic theory and application as well as diagnosing. After the first semester you start to apply your skills in the shop and learn about brakes and braking systems. Critical thinking applies here.  Using tools and equipment, you need to solve everyday problems.  With a lot of work, projects, after school hours, test and more, this is not an easy class.  However it is a fun program with hands on learning.  You also get to compete in SkillsUSA and a chance to compete in the Hot Rodders of America contest.


In Auto 2, you are working in the shop full time. You are even working on customer cars. Jobs can range from a simple oil change, fixing electrical issues, to removing an engine. You still need to complete your training as well.  We strive for more of an industry feel. You are also able to compete as a senior in the Ford/AAA contest, the GNYADA contest as well as SkillsUSA.
This program is more like a two year training course.  We are not a hobby shop.  We do not work on student personal vehicles.  We learn how to become a professional technician in the transportation industry.

Our online classroom can be found at:


Class Times for the 2014-2015 year are:
Class 1 7:25am-8:50pm
Class 2 10:25am-11:50pm
Class 3 01:03pm-3:33pm (Auto 2)