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Spring 2015 Physicals

Tuesday May 19, 2015 (5-8 pm)

COST: $10.00 (cash or check made out to HHS)



According to BISD policy all athletes and other related activities are required to have a yearly pre-participation physical examination. 

  • Physicals on sale May 4-18 in the training room  BEFORE or AFTER school
    • $10 for a physical
    • MUST have:
      • Completed he Medical History Form with parent and student signatures on the form
      • Completed the Acknowledge of Immunity Form
      • Filled out the Rank One Online Paperwork
  • Paying on May 19
    • $15 for a physical
    • Show up with all paperwork completed at 6pm

No athlete will be turned away because of a lack of funds and no refunds will be given; if there is a financial problem please contact either one of the Athletic Trainers listed below before the day of the physicals: 


All forms this year will be completed online and electronically signed EXCEPT the Medical History and the Physical Form.   These forms must be completed properly by the end of this school year so as not to delay your son/daughters participation in athletic activities next year.

The UIL requires that the pre-participation physical exam to be done only on the approved form; therefore, no other form will be accepted.  If the exam is done on the wrong form it will be returned, which would further delay your son/daughters participation.  Please make sure you have the correct form by contacting one of the Athletic Trainers listed above or by downloading the correct forms from the Birdville ISD Athletic Web Site.

Staff Athletic Trainers:
Lucy McLean, MS, LAT, ATC, CSCS
Tom McLean, MS, LAT, ATC, CSCS
Purpose: to provide Care, Prevention, and Rehabilitation of athletic injuries.
Please feel free to contact one of us with any questions or concerns related to a student's athletic injury.
Lucy McLean - 817-547-6113
Tom McLean- 817-547-6087