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Wednesday, July 23, 2014
Name: Trevor Crawford
Phone: 817-547-1679
Conference Time: 1:30-2:20
Activities: Yo-yo club, Heroclix, Math Tutorials 

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Welcome to Trevor Crawford's active Website.
The 4th Six Weeks is when we start with Division and Fractions. Make sure you are practicing your Multiplication Facts and DMSB for Division! Multiplication also helps with Fractions so STUDY STUDY STUDY! After school tutorials have also started; if you would like to be in them, talk to me! =)
Please check out the "Fun Educational Games" section! There are some fun educational games to play!
Classroom Rules:
1. Be Respectful
2. Be Safe
3. Work Hard
4. Take Responsibility
What we are learning...
4th 6 Weeks:
Math: Division (DMSB), Fractions
Science: The Earth and its Resources

Social Studies: Texas Statehood

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